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Rapid Deployment


Segmetrix provides an integrated analytical, data management and action planning solution that provides you with a competitive edge. Our tools manage the plethora of customer data available today, both internal and external, and transform that into information for strategic and competitive advantage. 


B2B Strategic and Operational Experience


Segmetrix’ business strategists and systems development team have in depth experience in B2B sales, marketing and financial operations. This provides our clients not only with integrated analytical and technical expertise, but also with a wealth of experience in best practices and practicalities of developing, implementing and monitoring integrated sales and marketing strategies. 


Structured Phases

Depending on the scope of the project, a Segmetrix consultancy engagement takes between 6 to 12 weeks for the setup phase (stage 1) followed by a choice of ongoing services. The typical flow of a Segmetrix solution is as follows:


  1. Market Universe Construction and Data Matching
  2. Strategic Analytics, Data Visualisation and Workshops
  3. Execution Level Dashboards
  4. Managed Services Options


    Whilst we try to follow an efficient structure to ensure rapid deployment, we adapt to each client's requirements.

    Transformational Benefits

    Segmetrix consultancy engagements provide our clients with the following benefits:


    • Execution-centric segmentation that clarifies tactical options for delivering strategic goals
    • The ability to size the customer’s buying potential and market share by product groups
    • Hierarchical customer view of business transactions for which historical trends can be analysed, goals can be set and future attainment can be measured
    • The ability to effectively align sales and marketing resources based on clear facts
    • The ability to both aggregate and drill-down to customer level to identify root causes
    • Proactively formulated, actionable recommendations delivered by Segmetrix’ analysts - based on integrated strategic and tactical opportunity and performance analytics
    • Enhanced ability to acquire, develop and retain customers profitably using Segmetrix execution-centric Market Segmentation
    • The ability to access a single repository where key internal, external and modelled data is held in a structure conducive to analytics at both the strategic and execution level
    • The ability to formulate strategies and corresponding tactical scenarios for which execution can be attributed to individuals, teams and marketing activity
    • Data visualisation that is intuitive to senior management and analysts alike

     Fast Track Solutions


    We understand sense of urgency. That is why we have created a range of on-demand analytical products that cover areas of the B2B market place that we continuously monitor and assess. Whether you need a market segmentation solution "now" or need take a phased approach towards a more complete Segmetrix consultancy solution, then our Segmetrix Dashboards offer you "fast-track" solutions.


    On-Demand Segmentation


    Providing you with the fastest way to:


    • Segment your target market
    • Size up your customers and prospects by wallet
    • Align your sales force
    • Identify your competitors installed base
    • Design effective marketing activities
    • Identify geographic hot-spots
    • Slice and dice using multiple criteria
    • Explore corporate hierarchy (family tree)
    • Pin-point decision making sites

    Countries Covered

    • All Western European Countries
    • US & Canada
    • Worldwide top 1000 to top 5000
    • European top 1000 to top 5000

    Our dashboards are developed by our segmentation consultants who have verified and cleansed market data to create the essential tool-kit for the data driven B2B organisation. Our team continuously analyse and verify key information required for us to accurately calculate the buying propensity of each of the customers and prospects.