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Refund Policy

 Delivery & Refund Policy

Outlined below are the delivery policy and refund polices for the B2BSalesTool website.

Delivery Policy

Access to the website is via a user name/password created account. The delivery of this access information is sent via email to the email address used to create the account.

All delivery notices are sent to the email address provided upon successful account creation. Therefore it is important to keep these details update-to-date. Use the Personal Details option on the My Details menu to make changes to your profile information.

Every effort is taken to ensure trouble free delivery so as not to be filtered as Spam or Blacklisted.

If anti-spamming software is installed on your computer, be sure to add the domain as trusted/acceptable within your anti-spamming software.

Delivery times are usually within several mintues of a successful account creation.

Outlined below are the refund policies for the two types of B2BSalesTool account subscriptions.

Cancellation/Refund of Pay Monthly Subscriptions

Users, who opt to pay monthly for their subscription, can cancel their subscription at any time without incurring any cancelation penalties. Their B2BSalesTool account will remain functional as normal until the last day of the current month’s subscription. No payment will be taken thereafter.

Cancellations can be made either via the Account Details pages of the site; or by contacting our Support Team.

Cancellation requests need to be received 7 days before the end of the current month, to ensure that we have time to process the cancellation request before the next payment is due.

However B2BSalesTool will not be held responsible for any delay in cancelling a subscription if requests are emailed to us, to ensure that cancellations are handled as fast as possible please use the Cancel Subscription in your Account Details page.

Cancellation/Refund of Pre-Paid Monthly Subscriptions

Cancellations of pre-paid monthly subscriptions can be requested via the Account Details page or by contacting our support team.

Pre-Paid subscriptions carry a 30 day cancellation notification period.

Refunds will be issued on any full months remaining after the cancellation period expires.