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Comprehensive Analytics and Rapid Execution

Segmetrix is a management consultancy that innovates data-driven, analytically-based strategies and action plans that deliver profitable growth for B2B companies. We have developed cutting edge technology to rapidly manage the plethora of customer data available today, both internal and external, and transform it into information for strategic and competitive advantage.

Our Mission is to provide companies with:


  • Thought Leadership in B2B execution and forensic analytics
  • Visibility of the behavioural drivers of profitable growth
  • Speed in complex project deployments and insight generation
  • Control   of future financial outcomes by acting on our analysis
  • Enablement by providing them with innovative tools to succeed


Segmetrix differentiates itself from its competitors by defining the actions (in sales, marketing and finance) needed to address granularly specified opportunities and threats. This stems from a deep and data-driven understanding of the cause-effect relationship between organisational behaviours and financial outcomes.


Asking and Answering the Right Questions


Since the market is infinite, but your resources are finite, Segmetrix provides you with the ability to answer the right questions:


  • How big is our market?
  • What is our share?
  • Who are we competing against?


  • Which prospects should we acquire?
  • Which customers should we develop and retain?


  • Are we dangerously dependent on a few customers?
  • Which unprofitable customers should we replace?


  • Are our sales people aligned to the right customers?
  • Do we have the right sales activities in place?


  • Is our marketing effective?
  • What should marketing be doing?


  • What drives growth and decline?
  • Where and how should we be investing:
    • by acquisition, development and retention
    • by sales team and sales rep
    • by product, solution and proposition
    • by region
    • by vertical segment
    • by pricing and discounting levels



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